Thursday, January 19, 2006

I was a youth minister for 10 years in a church in the 1960s and then taught in the public schools in elementary education for 32 years, and I discovered, in that time, the delightful ways of young children.

We can not force them into our adult mold of expectations. We need to let them explore their world as they see it, and let them learn by experience.

We really need to back-off a bit and let them do what they do. That is how they learn.

Much of my photography involves young children doing what they do best: just being children.


Al Kaplan said...

Hey Todd, you've got some great photos here. I really like the one where the kid is sticking the fork full of food in his mouth, the arm contorted in an awkward position, so typical of that age - hold the fork full of food still enough so you can bring your open mouth to where the food is...LOL

You were off to such a great start with your BLOG, then suddenly!!! No more pictures! What happened? It's been over two weeks now. Let's see some more of your work. Thanks, Al

daniel said...

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