Monday, January 02, 2006

Todd Frederick Photography


I am a retired school teacher who has been seriously involved in nearly all forms of photography using a wide variety of camera equipment, both current and vintage. I started in the mid 1950's primarily with black and white photography, taught numerous courses in creative photography through the adult education programs, and eventually found my way into wedding photography quite by accident.

At the present time I am still doing wedding photography, but also include family portraiture, children's portraiture, pet photography, events and parties, and a variety of commercial ventures in this field. Most of this commercial work is now done with digital imaging.

My current personal interests are still in serious black and white photography, especially using "alternative" and vintage camera systems such as pinhole, Holga, Leica, and 4x5 systems for landscape, urbanscapes, candid portraiture, and macro imaging. I want to start getting out onto the street more to documents what's happening both in urban and rural areas, in a less formal style that I have done in the past.

this is my first venture into a blog, and I'm interested in this concept to keep a personal photo journal, like a "cyber scrapbook!" I encourage others with similar interests to share your thoughts and experiences here.

The photo of the sleeping child was taken at an amusement park in his grandfather's arms.


ChainLinkFence said...

Absolutely beautiful. What was the camera and film? And also, what did you do when you printed it? I mean, was that all natural light work, or did you selectively print (burning/dodging)? I would love to hear the whole story.


Todd Frederick Photography said...

Thank you. Please see new entry on blog page for 1-4-06 for details.